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Stained Glass Works
6 Sea View Park
Tyne and Wear
England, UK
Tel: 0191 529 2170
Please do not just turn up.   
My studio is in my home and i may not be in so please give me a call and we can arrange an appointment. 
Prices start from £50 per square foot, rising to more than £1000 according to the level of detail, type of glass and amount of painting or engraving you require. I usually fit all my windows, but will happily courier them to you for you to arrange fitting.
​ Although i usually work alone i have a large network of highly skilled craftspeople who are to help me out on larger commissions. I also own scaffolding which can reach up to 3rd floor openings.
   The ideal method is to email me a photo of the space into which it is intended to fit. You should include sizes, some images of the type of patterns you like, or a picture of something you would like me to adapt. I will then get in touch and we can discuss it before arranging a home visit.
   The images you send could come from a local pattern you would like to restore to make the house look the way it did when it was built. I am more than happy to do this type of repeat. You could also source images from the internet. I will not copy another artist's work, but will incorporate the feel and style you are looking for.
   Alternatively, you may wish to simply get in touch, and let me help you with ideas - if you let me know which of my photos you like, I will get an idea of what you're thinking and help you create a place for me to start designing your ideal.
"I hired Stuart to undertake the making of a stained glass window of my own design. He suggested ways in which the design could be improved to better utilise the characteristics of the materials to be used and to increase the strength and durability of the piece.
His work was exceptional and to the very highest quality. We found that the price we paid was very reasonable and we do not feel we could have got better work done anywhere else.
The window is now in place in an Edwardian cottage near Sunderland, and looks like it could always have been there."
Joanne Hendry
Interior Designer
Recommendation left on Linkedin
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Dear Stuart
Thank you for your letter.
We are delighted with your beautiful windows which are a valuable enhancement to our house which was built in an Arts and Crafts style.
The windows have all been much admired by local people and our visitors, and have indeed led to others adding "picture" windows to their own properties.
Ours, however, are unique and will be much treasured.
With thanks
Jennifer Kendal
Dear Stuart
Enclosed please find 
photos of the window which I promised to send you.
The ones with the black surround were the first ones to be taken in a darkened church. I had a large size and a smaller size done, which I have been sending off to friends and relations, so I have enclosed one of each size for you. The other two are the ones taken on the Dedication Day.
Everyone has nothing but praise for the window, and they have said how much they enjoyed the dedication service. In honouring my sister's life, it seemed to be full of joy and happiness which is what I wanted.
Many thanks for all the many hours and hard work that you spent on creating a beatiful piece of work. It is very gratifying to know that as long as the church stands, it will be there.
I wish you every success in your future undertakings & every happiness to you and your family.
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