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Stained Glass Works


  My Name is Stuart and in Glasgow 1990 I started Stained Glass Works as my business. 

   I specialise in Designing, building, triple glazing and fitting stained glass panels for windows, doors or anything that would look good with a bit of glass in it.

   All my designs are bespoke creations for my customers but I’m happy to design with something,

someplace or with a particular artist in mind. You may notice some of my favourite artists' styles like Mackintosh, Mucha, Lloyd-Wright and Gaudi in my photos.

   I repair panels in situ, remove them or you can deliver to me. I can also cut down or build them up to size to prepare them for an opening or to be sandwitched in the middle of a triple glazed panel.

   Triple glazing is a superb method of saving your own valuable windows, usually created specifically for that house at the time of its’ own build.

   Normally a window or door that faces the weather will start to get a bit tired at 60-100 years old (when they rattle is a good indicator), but they can be rebuilt or repaired and given a AAA energy rating when encased as the centre panel in a triple glazed unit.

   The areas I serve are Sunderland, Newcastle,  Durham and  as far down as Teesside, though I have also created many commissions further afield.

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