These angel windows were bought from a church in County Durham which was about to be demolished. The lady who bought them was married in this church and had lost her husband a few years ago.

They were in bad condition and the most important parts are the most badly damaged pieces. The videos below show how i painted the face and cloak of one angel then leaded it together and soldered it.

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   When painting on glass the technique is very different from the usual way we all know. 

   The paint is a pigment that is mixed with water or oil by grinding it together using a glass pestel. This makes the powder pigment very fine with no lumps. 

   The line drawing is done traditionally using a fine brush as in watercolour painting, then this is fired in a kiln at 650` where the pigment becomes part of the glass.

   Then the whole piece is covered with an even layer as in a watercolour wash and allowed to dry.

   This wash is then selectively removed with paint brushes to leave shading where it is needed.

   The orange colour you can see at the end is called silver stain and when fired becomes a beautiful golden colour.

   This video was made from lots of individual photos fading in and out to show animation

Leading  panel, Time Lapse

   These four time lapse videos show how i set out the pieces from the old panel which i had previously dismantled and reproduced the broken parts.

   I then cut pieces for a new panel which i have reproduced for myself.    I did this as a teaching aid as some of the pieces of glass were very difficult to paint and i needed to learn how best to do it. The painting can also be a little inaccurate and i really needed a spare, just in case.

   I then cut and bend the lead came around each piece of glass. I use horseshoe nails to hold the panel securely in place as i sometimes need to use a bit of force to bend the lead into the curves of the glass.

  I then frame the panel with wood to hold it in the perfect size as i solder the joints together.


Jesus was bought at auction and brought to me for repair. A lot of the pieces were broken and had to be replaced, especially the border. I matched the colour and painting style then rebuilt the whole panel. What can't be seen here are the cracks in the red, blue and green glass which also was replaced. The whole panel was dismantled and rebuilt.

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Door and side panel  

This door and pane alongside were in a bit of a state, 85 years old and falling apart. I took the side pane out first and found it could not be repaired without being completely rebuilt. As you can see from the top 2 photos it just fell apart on my bench. I took it to pieces, cleaned the old cement off, replaced all the broken pieces, releaded, recemented, then refitted it back into place.

Door panel  

The door panel had been repaired over the years and strengthening rods were used. In the 2 pics below you can see the old ones and the new that i used.

Leaded Liights

  These panels are situated above a bay window with a door in it in Newcastle. They were badly bowed and were cracked in many places. the lady, who had just moved into the house, had inherited 3 similar panels from somewhere else in the street.

  I removed them, repaired them using the other panels to match perfectly, then encased them in a double glazed panel thus making it a triple glazed panel.

   I then recessed the woodwork to accommodate the larger thicker panel and refitted them into the bay. I also changed her single glazed windows and door with double glazing. 

   She Now has a very much warmer living room.

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